Artist's Statement

Art to me is a form of reflection and self-expression. A work of art invites the viewer to think in a more
insightful way than encounters with most objects typically do. Unlike propaganda fine art does not instruct the viewer
in what to think but rather offers to any curious person an opportunity for thinking for him or herself. These works of
art are examples of my exploration of drawing, basic color usage, and composition. In order to understand these concepts
I have turned back to the great masters, by doing this I can understand how problems with drawing, modeling, and color
use were answered in the past. Through copying and imitating the great masters, I have been able to regulate my taste
and enlarge my imagination I think.

In my work, I enjoy capturing the emotional sensation I see and feel from my surroundings. I hold a lot of beautiful
and unforgettable images in my memory. I can feel small and big changes from what I was impressed. These memories
means they are existing in me. In other words its personal and it is linked as an organic environment to me.
From my past, I believe it always has been there with its repeating rights. And it is a motivation
I would want to come out from my old intentional mind settings.

So that for me, nature is very important and like mother of life. I would choose a small hill behind a small village.
I would draw a name less weed. I love the small pebble in a small stream. This is like a peaceful cottage that has been
there for years and years. The simplicity from nature is the strength and the energy that keeps me alive and breath.

Hyeonggon Kim